The Traditional Pac

Our most popular package opens with a montage of your favorite growing-up photos. Wedding day coverage begins at your home two hours before your wedding. We continue on through the ceremony, photo session and reception. Your finished video is completed with a recap of the highlights of the day set to the music of your choice.

The Traditional Package is sure to please and includes three DVD’s in lovely white cases.


procaccini-oval-7The Deluxe Package

Our two-camera wedding package adds an entirely new dimension to the standard wedding video album with a second point-of-view at both the ceremony and reception, as well as events captured at both the bride and the groom’s houses. The finished video includes a recap of the day’s highlights set to the music of your choice.

The DeLuxe Package is delivered on three DVD’s in lovely white cases.

TheBasic Package

A nice, no-frills straightforward documentary of your wedding day. We begin your wedding video with your wedding invitation, and then continue on to provide 1-camera coverage of your ceremony, photo session and reception.

The Basic Package comes on DVD in a lovely white case.


Custom Budget Option $995.00

Just the basics: Coverage of your wedding for five consecutive hours, beginning one hour prior to your ceremony. Digital editing on our EDIUS® nonlinear edit system. One finished, beautifully edited copy on DVD.

Other Options Available for the Custom Budget package:

  • Wedding invitation on video:$2.00
  • Titles on video:$5.00 per page
  • “Growing-up” photographs on video: $2.00 each
  • Additional camera and operator : $400.00
  • Additional DVD copies in presentation case: $35.00
  • “Five questions” interview: $100.00
  • Live webcast of your wedding: $595.00